Every Landscape

by Goodtime Boys



This was a taster 7" for our 'What's Left to Let Go' double-EP release on Bridge Nine. It features one song from WLTLG and one song from our first EP, 'Are We Now or Have We Ever Been'.
We also included a cover of Kate Bush's 'Under Ice'.

Released by Bridge Nine Records in June 2012. Available as a 7"/digital from www.b9store.com/goodtimeboys


Black: Limited to 20

Coke Bottle Clear: Limited to 300
Opaque Dark Green: Limited to 700


released June 25, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Lewis Johns at The Ranch, Southampton.
Mastered by Jay Maas.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Callous
This is a quiet house, we'll have no love in here. Just words that explode exposing flesh from bone on skeletons you've hidden for years. She breathes without a sound so no one else can hear sentences scratched to the roof of her mouth. Foundations formed in fear. I had such hopes for this endeavour, so pure when they were sure. Such high hopes for this endeavour so pure. But now it's gone it seemed a lie. This violin's broken strings, this rotten apple for an eye. If I said it then I meant it when I said it but time slips away from me so often these days. Handing out trophies to the hopeless caught in the grips of doubt. You are forgotten, down at the bottom, far from the trees, these rotten apples forsaken in name. I search for a new life and call it "change" as I breathe into the ground. You and your regrets will lay in wait as you seek little hope. Step outside and take a breath. Begin this journey in spite of the rain. I pity you, those that have not loved and I envy you, those that will not love again.
Track Name: Harrow
If I lived alone, living in sin I wouldn't know where to begin scratching at the walls, tearing through the dirt, nails buried deep in the ground. I lift up my body and failing to stand I fall with a smile as the struggle ends. Content in my defeat, swallowed whole. I am a statement that digests over time. No luxury for me, senses hold. I grip my skull to clear your name from my mind. The last convulsion as I let go, with open eyes I realise. Everyone forgets sometimes. Everyone forgets themselves. Everybody battles with time. As we lose we cry "at least I tried". Nothing is worth it unless it swallows you whole. Nothing is worth it unless it consumes you whole. I hope it's worth it. Deep inside our fickle skulls we leave footsteps and bury answers in the walls. Choking young lungs tight in their grip. These discoveries save us from ourselves. Save us from ourselves.